make me choose: science boyfriends or clintasha? asked by markoruffalo

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Submission-entry giveaway!!

This little blog is at just under 400 followers! I’d like to thank you all for following it by doing a giveaway, but I don’t want it to just be a ‘follow this blog like and reblog this entry, you’re in!’ kind of deal. I’m greedy.

I want your blog recs, and I want your fic recs. I want your art recs. I want your science bro thoughts and meta. I want you, good people who are following, to submit things to this blog to be entered in winning.

Winning what? Winning this: Avengers: The Art of Marvel’s The Avengers*!


  • follow this blog! New followers are welcome to enter, this isn’t just a currently-following giveaway.
  • submit anything from a fic, a fic rec, an artwork, an art rec, meta, a blog rec, or anything, really! 
  • this is not a contest, so I’m not choosing my favorite, and neither are y’all; instead I’ll randomly select a winner using The Hat.
  • you are allowed multiple entries, up to 3. You are allowed to submit more than that, or course, but only 3 will be counted.
  • this giveaway ends May 4th, in 3 weeks!
  • if we get more than, oh, 30 entries to this thing I will throw in second and third prizes. I could be persuaded into more if this gets even more submissions!

If you have questions, feel free to ask anything. Please have fun with this!

(*Amazon is not where it’ll be coming from! I own an unopened copy and it will be sent to you. If you already have this neato book, a) let us talk about it because it’s pretty, and b) let us find you a new prize! We’ll say something (or several somethings) fandom related and price-comparable, how about that?)


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It’s a million laughs around the Science Bros

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Anonymous asked: please tell me about of the science

idk idk what you mean bro so i’ll just rec some of my favorite blogs okay

science bro headcanons


ask the science bros

anyone got any more that they’d like to rec, send me a message or reblog or whatever

Anonymous asked: quick go to amazing artist's Tabby Stardust's tumblr. she's considering making a sciencebros manip. (adore your tumblr, btw- am loving all the sciencebros XD) let's encourage and support Tabby!

Sounds awesome! I’m mobile right now and can’t quite search her tumblr out, anyone have a link they’d drop me? 


was gonna draw them having a picnic in the lab but it just turned into a dump with them engrossed in their work lol


was gonna draw them having a picnic in the lab but it just turned into a dump with them engrossed in their work lol


The science boyfriends/stanner/brony fandom has died down so much :c come to me my lovelies